Nov 24 ’20 EcoCentric: Canada’s emissions accountability law, interior rain forest event

Kokanee Creek runs through old growth.

Last week, the Liberal government in Ottawa tabled a new Emissions Accountability Act. Canada has blown past every emission reduction target so far, and Environmental organizations across the country had been pushing for a new act like the one brought in by the UK. We speak with Andrew Gage, staff lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law, one of the groups that had been pushing for the law.

Author and photographer David Moskowitz went looking for caribou in BC forests and instead he found a dwindling interior rain forest… the big trees being hauled off as fast as the companies can.  Moskowitz is sharing some of his observations and photographs in a webinar on interior old growth coming up December 1.

The Extinction Rebellion has been demanding that governments tell the truth about the climate crisis. It’s not always easy to hear.   To highlight the possible inadequacies of the new Emissions Accountability law we play a segment with a scientist about what real climate targets should be.

Listen or download the Nov 24, 2020 episode here:

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