About us and Contact!

The EcoCentric is one Canada’s longest running environment news radio broadcasts. It was begun by Suzi Hamilton and John Alton when Kootenay Coop Radio began nearly 20 years ago.  It was one of the first regular shows at the radio station.

Suzi Hamilton shown here retiring from nearly a decade of producing the EcoCentric. With Suzi are: Kenny, Rachel MacKenzie, Bruce Edson and Keith Wiley.

The EcoCentric is produced by volunteers with the West Kootenay EcoSociety to provide environment news and interviews from a West Kootenay and Nelson perspective.

Regular hosts of the program are Rachel MacKenzie and Keith Wiley.   Hot dog Kenny helps with tecking every week.

Have an idea?

We are always looking for news to cover and people to talk to… and for new EcoCentric team members with an environmental passion who want to learn more about news radio and how it works.   Coop Radio provides training and a great environment for starting out in radio.  If you want to know more, or get in touch email us at: ecocentric AT  KootenayCoopRadio.com

Keith Wiley and Linn Murray during the live broadcast at Kootenay Coop Radio.

Want to do environmental activist radio?

The EcoCentric at Kootenay Coop Radio is a very accessible way to learn, produce and broadcast radio.  We can help you get started with audio technology, interviewing and broadcasting.

You can use the form or drop us a line at:   ecocentric AT kootenaycoopradio.com