Dec. 8 ’20 Nelson delegate to Mock Cop 26, questions of TMX viability, BC’s LNG and emission targets (again).

Recent photo in Nanaimo, BC. The Alaska boat on the left loaded with Island logs.

Jamie Hunter from Nelson recently participated in a global climate summit for youth.  He was one of three young people representing Canada in the summit and he telsl us about it… and we hear a bit about the Stop EcoCide campaign Jamie has been working hard on too.

First though we’re going to talk about the recent report from the Canadian Energy Regulator that says Canada will never benefit from the $12-15 billion TransMountain pipeline expansion.  Construction on the pipeline is beginning, just as the rationale for it is evaporating.  Peter McCartney, the climate campaigner from the Wilderness Committee in BC tells us about the new report.

BC’s climate emission reduction plans were a major topic in the recent election.   How an expanding LNG industry fits in to our targets is controversial.  We have a clip from the Canaidan Centre for POlicy Alternatives Senior economist Marc Lee to unpack that bit more for us.

Listen or download the full show here:

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